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Point Alliance

Branch Administration Module

by Point Alliance

The Branch Administration Module (BAM) is a PCI-compliant solution that allows non-profit or not for profit organizations to automate and streamline their donation collection process. BAM provides detailed reports, multiple search functionalities, manages quality donation information, and ensures that funds are secured in a timely and efficient manner. 

Through these capabilities, customers can enjoy the following benefits:

- Easy to use system to reconcile payment and donations
- Centralized process to receive, track, and manage payments and donations in a timely manner PCI-compliant solution to handle all credit card transactions
- Ability to complete entire donation transactions in a single process (printable donation receipt) Sophisticated fund recording and tracking system
- Detailed and targeted reports available at a branch and regional level.
- Integration with back-end accounting systems
- Integration with online credit card processing companies
- Integration with fundraising management system
- Secure user access based on roles

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