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Chyma is a scheduling and communication portal that provides an easy to use web application that allows the organization to schedule its staff, allow the employees to manage their own schedules and provides a medium for communication to the community of real-time on-call schedules.

The SaaS (Software as a Service) model for the application allows fast and reliable rollout of the solution without having to worry about infrastructure.
Customers enjoy the following benefits from using our product:

- Improved use of resources - allows efficient scheduling and prevents errors resulting in double booking or no shows
- Faster communication of information - all changes are displayed in real time
- Improved service level
- More flexibility for the staff without compromising service
- Imroved ROI - no need to buy additional hardware
- Lower Cost of Ownership - SaaS hosting saves IT infrastructure costs

When organizations create a schedule, the scheduling office is bombarded with phone calls and emails requesting changes. As a result, they are required to spend countless hours finding replacements, modifying the schedule, and informing others of the changes.

Chyma exists to eliminate all of those problems. Everyone benefits when using the OnTime!

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