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CloudBerry Lab

CloudBerry Backup for Windows Azure

by CloudBerry Lab

CloudBerry Backup provides a powerful backup and restore program to make your disaster recovery plan simple, reliable and affordable by leveraging the Windows Azure platform.

Cloudberry Backup offers you:
- Easy installation and configuration
- Scheduling capabilities
- Data encryption
- Data retention schedule
- Secure online storage
- Data versioning
- Differential backup
- The ability to restore to a particular date
- Backup verification
- Parallel data transfer - speed up backup/restore process
- Command Line interface - integrate backup with your own routines
- Alerting notifications
- C# API - an ability to get backup plan statistics programmatically

Disaster recovery planning is often overlooked until an actual disaster strikes. Yet few companies fully recover and the resulting loss of critical data is tied to an even greater loss of business. CloudBerry Backup makes your disaster recovery plan easy.

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