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Colligo Networks Inc.

Colligo Administrator

by Colligo Networks Inc.

It is easily delivered and manages consistent SharePoint access (across every platform and device).

Increases IT efficiency and reduces costs with centrally-configured SharePoint access.

- Centrally-configure consistent access to SharePoint sites, folders, and favorites
- Support corporate governance initiatives with secure, role- and policy-based SharePoint access
- Ensure appropriate access with configuration on a per-user or departmental basis
- Manage URLs in groups according to business or project needs

Powerful tools for SharePoint administrators

- Centrally configure and manage consistent SharePoint access and settings across all devices
- Use group policies to configure SharePoint locations and remote settings for thousands of users with a single entry
- Easily push out new SharePoint document libraries for easy project and team management
- Support corporate governance through secure, centrally-enforced role- and policy-based SharePoint access
- Ensure data security with the ability to restrict features such as "Open in" or the ability to email content
- Manage secure access with blacklisting and whitelisting
- Non-technical staff, such as records managers and other business data owners, can easily manage SharePoint access
- Works on SharePoint so it's compatible with all MDMs
- Supports cloud-based, on-premises or hybrid SharePoint environments

Easy, consistent access for SharePoint users
- Simplify content management with consistent content across every device
- Eliminate the need for users to set up links to SharePoint sites or remember complex URLs
- Streamline collaboration by providing only relevant content
- Make it simple to file content to the right location, with the right tags

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