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Commander™ is a self-service management tool designed to centralize the management of your Windows-based self-service network and provide on-demand information that is critical to availability, decision-making and change management.

Commander™ gives you a 360° view of your entire channel – the configurations, marketing content, hardware and software asset information. Get real time ATM-level availability and performance data and ATM usage statistics.

Use that information to make informed operations and procurement decisions. Drive proactive changes. Better manage service and replenishment technicians. Ensure compliance in a dynamic environment with evolving regulatory and security mandates.

A pipe dream? No, it's a proven reality.

-Do site audits without costly site visits
-Correct configuration errors remotely
-Pro-actively troubleshoot and determine root cause
-Centralize control of brands and marketing
-Deploy regional and targeted marketing content

What do you get? Increased availability. Reduced maintenance and operational costs. Information to manage and drive change. A better bottom line.

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