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ConfigWise is your single pane of glass for customizable dashboard reporting across Microsoft System Center and beyond. More quickly realize the value of Microsoft System Center with easy-to-use, customizable dashboard reporting aligned to business needs across the organization.

ConfigWise is a robust, central reporting solution specifically designed for IT Pros to quickly and easily collect, analyze, detect changes and create custom dashboards to report on system and application information across physical and virtual environments. ConfigWise is an extensible reporting platform which can be used across systems and System Center components and beyond System Center, without complex report development or application integration.

With ConfigWise, you can:

Deliver custom reporting dashboards with information collected from any System Center component, all integrated within a single view

Add robust dashboard reporting to SCCM and extend Settings Management to non-windows environments including Linux, VMware ESX and network devices

Provide configuration health monitoring and reporting for popular System Center components, including SCOM and SCCM, with ConfigWise Smart Packs
Bring the capabiities of Configuration Manager's Settings Management to environments where Settings Management is not supported, such as System Center Intune, System Center Advisor or System Center Essentials

Gain insight into your System Center environment to assist pre-implementation planning with configuration inventory analysis and change management reporting
Utilize Microsoft Security Compliance Management (SCM) baselines for out-of-the-box configuration compliance reporting

You can install ConfigWise and start to work in minutes to gain insight into your System Center environment today and realize the value of ConfigWise for your organization.

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