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Cost Allocator (CA) is an efficient, flexible and easy to use costing application that performs multi-level, step-down cost allocations.

Users can select one of four methods to compete allocations:

- Percentage values
- Fixed amounts
- Cost drivers or measures
- Account balances

CA has a seamless connection to Microsoft Dynamics GP:

- Extracts the financial data
- Performs detailed cost allocations
- Re-populates the data into Microsoft Dynamics GP as a “Budget ID” or an un-posted batch of journal entries.

CA works with all ERP systems. Non-Microsoft Dynamics GP users can populate CA with its import and export capabilities and predefined templates.


- Extensive import and export capabilities
- G/L account linkage – import the G/L chart of accounts, along with balances, directly into CA
- Multi-company data – import and export multi-company data
- Multiple periods and scenarios – create and report on an unlimited number of models
- Dynamic account grouping or roll-ups – create dynamic account group roll-ups by defining the criteria required for the account inclusion in the group
- Account searching and filtering – select accounts based on defined search criteria; such as, by range, by account level, by account group, by segment, and by wildcard
- Contra Accounts – allocations can be made using sweep/contra accounts
- Detailed Reporting – solve the model and trace costs at the individual account level
- Full traceability of costs – create and view reports to trace the allocation of costs from account to account, creating a full audit trail

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