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Corporate Renaissance Group

CRG Changer for Microsoft Dynamics GP

by Corporate Renaissance Group

Changer allows you to change, merge and combine your Microsoft Dynamics GP codes and data, ensuring your business management system operates at optimum efficiency.

Many customers have implemented third party solutions to maximize the return on their Microsoft Dynamics investment. Changer will update many 3rd party products and non-core module tables, including the proper handling of duplicate records.

Changer consists of several distinct modules:

- GL Changer: Change or consolidate one or more GL account number. With Changer, you can choose to transfer the transactions of one account to another after a specific date.
- RM Changer: Change customer identification numbers into an existing or new customer.
- PM Changer: Change or consolidate vendor identification numbers.
- IV Changer: Change or merge item numbers.
- PR Changer: Change employee identification numbers.
- PA Changer: Change project numbers and contract numbers in the Project Accounting module.

Changer offers users a great deal of flexibility:

- changes can be processed in batches.
- you can specify a date onward for the proposed GL account changes.
- once Changer is installed by the "sa" user, any user with appropriate security can use Changer and process changes to the master records.

Changer allows you to globally transfer all related transactions and information. It modifies and consolidates all data, including historical and 3rd party information. In other words, all associated transactions and details from the “old” accounts are transferred to the “new” account. There is no visible trace of the original information, except for the Changer history report: drill downs, balances, and reports will treat the altered data as if it had been posted to the new account right from the start.

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