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Doctor-Patient Consultation Application for Microsoft Surface 1.0 and 2.0

by Infusion

The Surface Patient Consultation Interface augments and facilitates the conversations that a doctor regularly has with his or her patients through a unique, interactive representation on the Microsoft Surface. With the use of static and active media elements, a doctor is able to demonstrate and relate complex medical procedures or conditions in layman’s terms to their patients.

Doctors are able to use this tool to exchange content and information with their patients, adding a feeling of security to the transfer of electronic information between doctor and patient. Through the use of slide menus, touch interaction, and a simple navigation system, the application gives doctors the opportunity to provide their patients with a valuable educational experience.

The application is divided into 2 distinct views and makes use of five interaction points:

- The Content View allows the viewing of shared content in a free-form fashion. This view facilitates easy observation and a simple summary of any topics shared during a session.
- The Anatomic View presents content for viewing in the context of the human body. This view enables the uncomplicated observation of specific diagnosis information and educational content.

Within both views, content can be manipulated to allow the doctor and patient to easily see and access information together. The three primary forms of content that can be displayed include: documents, photographs, and videos. The capability also exists for presenting additional content such as 3D models.

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