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The Envision IT Custom 404 feature allows organizations to easily redirect old or incorrect URLs on their SharePoint site to a variety of target pages.

Ensure your site visitors continue to find what they’re looking for when:
- Your newly re-launched public SharePoint website has inbound links from other sites pointing to now invalid URL's on the old site
- Bookmarked pages have changed
- Site visitors mistype your URL in their browser

The last thing organizations want users experiencing on their new SharePoint site is getting a 404 error page when they visit. These errors heighten bounce rates and compromise search engine optimization (SEO) on a site.

The Envision IT Custom 404 feature works as follows:

- "Exact Match": For specific URLs on the old site (to news articles, events, products, etc.) that you want to redirect visitors to the matching page in the new site at the new URL. Any inbound links on other sites that still point to the old URLs will still take visitors to the correct content.
- "Starts With": You want all invalid URLs for a particular part of the site to go to a specific page.
- "Contains Match": Selects common keywords in a bad URL and redirects users to the related page.
- "Mistype": When visitors mistype a URL, they are directed to a page that invites them to search again, or suggests popular pages as alternates. 

The Envision IT Custom 404 feature works equally with and enhances visitor search experience on SharePoint 2010, SharePoint Online and MOSS 2007 sites.

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