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Envision IT Extranet User Manager for SharePoint

by Envision IT

Envision IT has developed the Extranet User Manager as a SharePoint add-on. This module extends SharePoint functionality by providing organizations with all the necessary tools to create and manage accounts for external users and then allow those users to access specified resources inside of a SharePoint site. One of the most significant benefits is that creating and managing accounts does not have to be done by the IT department; this can be done any authorized non-IT staff.

The Extranet User Manager provides password management and lost password retrieval, a landing page for directing external users into the sites to which they have access, display and management of site access for users, and web-based account creation and management.

Benefits include:

- Self-service and business user web interfaces for setup of extranet users; setting up new users can be done by non-IT staff without requiring access to Active Directory
- Welcome email with account validation and secure password setup
- Authenticated users are logged in seamlessly without having to enter their credentials more than once
- All users can now login using their email address as their username
- Password change and self-serve retrieval of lost usernames and password
- Display of all sites that a user or group has access to
- A Landing page provides extranet users with a list of sites they can access, making it easy to navigate
- Active Directory or SQL Server forms-based authentication

The Extranet User Manager supports SharePoint 2013.

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