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File Server Classification


TITUS has extended the File Classification Infrastructure to add visual markings (headers, footers, and watermarks) to Word documents in Office 2007 format (docx). Document Marking for FCI automatically adds labels to existing and new documents, promoting a culture of awareness and helping to ensure that information is shared appropriately.

Key Benefits:

- Automatically applies uniform, consistent markings to Microsoft Office Word documents
- Raises security awareness and accountability for the distribution of documents
- Enable the marking of hundreds of thousands of documents at once
- Ensures compliance with regulatory marking standards
- Enables administrators to configure and update labels at any time, including control over the font, size, color, and placement of the visual labels

Organizations can extend FCI's capabilities by using TITUS Owner-based Classification to classify files based on user role. For example, organizations can automatically classify Executive users' files as "High Sensitivity", or HR staff files as "HR Restricted".

Key Benefits:

- Enables automatic file classification based on the document owner’s role. This ensures that all documents start with an intelligent default.
- Applies classifications to thousands of documents at once. If the classification labels change, there is no need for users to manually re-classify the files because the updates occur automatically.

Interoperates with TITUS Document Classification to enable users to change classifications applied by FCI.
Generates classification metadata that can be used by other solutions to prevent data leakage. For example, the metadata can be used by TITUS Message Classification to prevent internal documents from slipping out in external email.

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