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ID-Synch: Enterprise User Account Provisioning

by Hitachi ID Systems, Inc.
  • App Type

    On-premises Application
  • Business Need

    Identity Management, Privacy
  • Works With

    Windows Server 2003
  • Industry Focus

    General - Applicable to All

M-Tech Information Technology, Inc. is a Microsoft Gold Partner. The ID-Synch solution is deployable within any vertical or customer segment. The ID-Synch solution focuses on reducing the cost of user administration, helping new and reassigned users get to work quickly, and ensuring prompt and reliable access termination. This is accomplished through automatic propagation of changes to user profiles from systems of record to managed systems, with self service workflow for security change requests, through consolidated and delegated user administration, and with federation. ID-Synch can manage users on over 65 types of systems.

ID-Synch reduces the cost of account management by:

- Cutting the time needed to create accounts. Administrators use a simple java interface to create accounts on multiple systems in seconds.
- Enabling new and reassigned employees to start work immediately by eliminating delays.
- Helping users remember their login IDs and passwords by assigning them with a uniform login ID on all systems.
- Simplifying account management procedures, making them accessible to staff with minimal training.
- Freeing systems administrators to devote their time to more valuable work.

ID-Synch can enforce a uniform enterprise security policy by:

- Streamlining the account management process, so that accounts can be removed or disabled immediately. When employees leaves or are reassigned, they can still gain access to systems until their accounts are removed or disabled.
- Using account templates to create accounts with standard access privileges and rights.
- Incorporating an access control system, that reduces the number of staff with administrative access to each system.
- Providing workflow automation for account authorization. Systems owners are notified by e-mail of a request to create an account, then grant or reject the request on the intranet. ID-Synch creates the account only after proper authorization is received.
- Allowing organizations to enforce multiple strong password rule sets. ID-Synch adds flexibility to the enterprise-wide password strength functionality of P-Synch.
- Producing an audit log, which provides a detailed account of administrative operations, and assigns them to individual administrators.
- Creating a central repository of user / account information. This is crucial for timely removal of access rights from terminated users.

ID-Synch has been reviewed in Information Security Magazine.

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