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Imaginet - Work Item Manager

by Imaginet

 Non-technical users are part of every software engineering team.  Microsoft provides a web-based interface, however, project managers and business users find it less responsive and integrated than what they require when interacting with large amounts of
data/work items.  The Work Item Manager and Project Dashboard provide highly responsive and integrated tooling to allow non-technical team members be more productive with Team Foundation System.  The Project Dashboard provides immediate feedback on quality,
code, and activity perspectives allowing teams to quickly be alerted to issues that require attention.  Due to the highly collaborate nature of the products, coupled with their ability to provide virtually immediate feedback, teams can work towards reducing
waste by being able to improve their software engineering practices early and often.

Teams become more efficient due to the following:

1. Greater visibility into real-time trend data

2. Increased ability to find work items, saving team members from 1-2 hours per day

3. Notification into critical issues such as build failures helps minimize the impact of build failures while at the same time motivates teams to increase quality throughout the development lifecycle – reducing project waste anywhere from 25-400%

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