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IndustryBuilt Software

JustFoodERP - Software For Food Companies

by IndustryBuilt Software

JustFoodERP delivers software and services to help food processors and distributors lower inventory costs, improve food safety, and increase profitability.

The food industry experts at JustFoodERP developed the software to be rich in food industry specific functionality, built on the powerful platform of Microsoft Dynamics NAV and other Microsoft technologies, such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Azure (as our cloud platform), Microsoft PowerBI suite of business intelligence tools, and more. JustFoodERP's partnership with Microsoft assures customers of a long-term, stable product roadmap.

JustFoodERP software meets the needs of many food sectors, including:
- Bakery
- Confectionery & snack food
- Freshpack/growers
- Distributors of various types
- Meat & seafood processors
- Sauce manufacturers
- Frozen food manufacturers
- Flavoring and ingredient makers

Food companies across North America work with JustFoodERP to increase profitability, continue to grow, and optimize their business processes. JustFoodERP customers include Bruce Foods, The Original Cakerie, Giovanni Food Co., Palermo's Pizza, Sahale Snacks, Orca Bay Seafoods, Roger Wood Foods, TW Garner Food Co., Ainsworth Pet Nutrition, DeMet's Candy Co., Vita-Pakt Citrus Products, and many other.

Food companies come in many sizes and stages of business, so JustFoodERP offers product editions to suit each of them:

- JustFoodERP Rapid Edition: for food companies getting started on integrated ERP; with a single location; in growth mode. Includes core functionalities such as inventory management; traceability & recall; quality management; costing; production; purchasing; sales; financials and reports.

- JustFoodERP Professional Edition: for mid-size food companies (whether single or multiple location)
typically with $20-50 million in sales; up to 25 users. As well as core functionalities, the Professional Edition includes production planning, material planning, PM, logistics, trade promotion, new product development, production metrics, WMS, and more.

- JustFoodERP Enterprise Edition: for multi-site and/or multi-business entity food enterprises with typically $50-$750 million in sales; 25 - 200 users. The Enterprise Edition includes everything in the Professional Edition plus EDI, advanced forecasting, dashboards and insights for more advanced reporting and BI, and more.

JustFoodERP is a company of IndustryBuilt Software, with offices in Canada and the U.S.

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