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KWizCom ShareGO - SharePoint and Desktop Become One

by KWizCom

KWizCom ShareGo is a solution providing seamless integration between Microsoft SharePoint server and Microsoft Windows Desktop.

ShareGo enables you to keep working in your familiar Windows environment, and be always in sync with your corporate SharePoint server/s, Offline !!!
This way, work with SharePoint is made much easier, and actually becomes the same as working in your windows desktop environment!

Who needs ShareGo?

Mobile Users
Employees that are on the move and still need to have the most updated information available on their laptops, offline!!!

Remote Users
Users that suffer from slow network connection to their corporate SharePoint server/s.

“Challenged” SharePoint audience
Employees who are used to work in Windows desktop environment, and have difficulties working with SharePoint’s web interface.

About KWizCom
KWizCom is a Microsoft Certified Partner, headquartered in Toronto Canada.

We produce Knowledge-Worker components and tools which enable end-users, deployment managers and IT professional to better utilize and deploy Microsoft-based solutions.

Our components are add-ons to various Microsoft servers and technologies. These add-ons add new and extended functionality to Microsoft's infrastructure and solutions including:

SharePoint Server
Office System
Project Server
SQL Server Reporting Services
Windows/MSN Messenger
Custom .NET solutions
We provide our components and tools in a variety of packages such as: SharePoint web parts, web services, MS Office add-ins, .NET controls and COM components.

These tools are designed for rapid and easy customization and deployment.

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