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magicQuestionnaire, Powerful Survey Tool for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 and 2011

by magicCRM Software Inc.

magicQuestionnaire is a powerful tool to create and apply many types of surveys and questionnaires to Customer, Constituents, Prospects and Employees.It is fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 and 2011, sharing the same database and interface.

Companies can benefit from magicQuestionnaire in many different ways, improving customer relationship in three main areas: sales, marketing and services.

Sales can be improved since magicQuestionnaire can be used to evaluate potential deals and weight the probabilities of closing a sale. For instance, a sales manager can set up a questionnaire that allows the sales team to weigh many different aspects of a deal and automatically calculate a probability value of closing that deal. The sales team can then focus on the opportunities with higher success probability, which saves the company time and money.

magicQuestionnaire also provides marketing incentives as questionnaires can be set up to evaluate the customer perception of a product and compare it with competitor brands. Also questionnaires like Customer Satisfaction Surveys can be a very useful tool to pinpoint areas that must be improved for higher customer satisfaction. magicQuestionnaire can help companies better understand their customer requirements and define effective marketing strategies based on the information gathered during the surveys.

Also, magicQuestionnaire can help improve the quality of service provided. Companies can run surveys and questionnaires to evaluate incident resolutions and to keep a solid record of all the feedback received from the incident to help improve the services provided in the future.

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MagicQuestionnaire is a powerful tool

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