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modusMail: Mail Server Security Solution For Microsoft Exchange and Other Platforms


modusMail mail server provides all-in-one email services, messaging security and spam protection. This anti spam mail server comes bundled with everything you need to deploy email to your organization: messaging services, end-user interface, security controls, and the best anti-spam/anti-virus protection available.

Combining a reliable mail server with the industry's leading anti-spam technology and Vircom's own proprietary Sequential Content Analyzer (SCA), spam simply can't get through. modusMail's multiple predictive and deterministic filters effectively counter today's growing email threats and allow you to manage your mission-critical email system with complete peace of mind. modusMail provides various protocol filters along with Vircom's proprietary Sender Reputation System (SRS) to block threats at the network and content levels.

Our Security Operations Team is on the job 24/7, monitoring the Internet for new and evolving threats and providing updates on a timely basis. With Vircom, your network is in the right hands.

Comprehensive Inbound and Outbound Policy Management

Vircom's Policy Management is an add-on module to modusMail integrated anti spam mail server. Designed to help protect against data leakage of personal, financial or proprietary information through email, it will:

· Allow organizations to protect their valuable information against theft and accidents

· Enforce and monitor company policies to prevent abuse and misuse

· Keep a trace of what is being sent and received

modusMail offers

· Reliable Windows anti spam mail server

· Advanced reporting

· Compliance tools

· An intuitive interface

· High performance and effective scaling

· Granular security and access control for inbound and outbound messages

· A seamless integration with Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Domino, Novell Groupwise and all other standards-based email servers

Unlike our competitors who use open-source technology, Vircom continually develops its own proprietary software and is maintained by a group of expert security engineers to offer our Sequential Content Analyzer and Sender Reputation System.

Vircom’s modusGate has won several awards and certifications. Most recently, modusGate was awarded the VBSpam Anti-spam certification by Virus Bulletin, awarded Silver by and received VMware Ready status by VMware.

To learn more about modusGate or our other products, contact

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