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Postcard Application for Microsoft Surface 1.0 and 2.0

by Infusion

Postcard is a virtual “finger-painting” application constructed on Microsoft Surface. Users are able to select from a variety of canvases where they collaboratively paint and send the resulting image as a virtual postcard to their friends and family.

Users navigate through a series of steps in a spatial environment selecting specific graphics, text, and images to draw and create a personalized postcard. This postcard is then delivered via email to a targeted recipient from the user, offering both a unique user experience and the opportunity to capture name, email, and demographic data.

Postcard delivers a memorable customer experience, allowing users to interact closely with your brand as they create their message. Ideal for any customer-focused industry, Infusion’s “Postcard” application has demonstrated success in the hospitality and tourism, financial, retail, government, and other customer service sectors.

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