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Encenter - Energy Management Information System (0 Reviews)
EnCenter is the next generation Energy Management Information System (EMIS) for Smart Grid 2.0 and Lean Energy initiative from T4G. Designed for industrial and commercial users with complex energy...
Release Date: 04/05/2012
Version: 1.0
Wireless Network Infrastructure Deployment Management (0 Reviews)
Deploy and Manage Wireless Infrastructure Efficiently With NetQ you will deploy your network assets and infrastructure more efficiently while reducing your overhead and rollout costs. A best-in-class...
Release Date: 14/05/2012
Version: 6.0
FieldVisor (0 Reviews)
FieldVisor is a web-based, field data capture and production operations management application for the oil and gas industry that is focused entirely on allows producers to increased production through...
Release Date: 02/04/2011
Version: 3.0
IntelliScan USC (0 Reviews)
IntelliScan USC provides real-time identification and processing of documents with a dynamic feature allowing scanned documents to be identified by type, using barcode (1D and 2D), true E13B MICR and OCR...
International Versions (0 Reviews)
Operations performance can be measured in several ways. A production manager is responsible for far more than cost of production and working capital. He/she is accountable for performance in areas such as...
Release Date: 01/01/2013
Version: 6
Opralog (0 Reviews)
Opralog is the market leading operational logbook software. It provides the functionality to capture operational intelligence and makes the data accessible across the organisation to a wide variety of...
Version: 2.96
PayCourier Archive (0 Reviews)
PayCourier Archive unites paper and electronic transactions, giving you the tools to manage, store and retrieve an unlimited amount of payment data and images. An easy to use Web-based solution, it puts...
ScadaVisor (0 Reviews)
ScadaVisor is a web-based, automation, remote monitoring, and production analysis and management application for the oil and gas industry. With ScadaVisor, you can remotely monitor devices such as flow...
Release Date: 30/06/2011
Version: 3.0
UMAX - maximum performance for utilities (0 Reviews)
UMAX™ is the answer for utilities in search of a powerful and agile business solution. It is an 'out-of-the-box', proven and 'end-to-end' utility solution supporting the different market roles and...
Release Date: 08/08/2011
Version: V.6.0
Water Operations Intelligence - Aquis Water Network Management (0 Reviews)
Aquis is one of the most advanced, powerful and extensive water network simulation platform. It will give you a better overview and improved operation. By using live SCADA data the Aquis model is...