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ImageResizeTool (0 Reviews)
The tool is designed for Intrafinity implementation team or customers to shrink or resize images which will be used in customer websites. The tool allows users to adjust resolution and image quality and...
Release Date: 24/03/2014
Version: v1.0.0
AAA - Classroom Coordinator - Interactive Classroom (0 Reviews)
The Classroom Operating SystemClassroom Coordinator is some sort of “Meta-Operating System” that isolates the computer's operating system to rovide an environment oriented to the classroom, simple and...
Release Date: 21/09/2010
Version: 3.0
biblios-it (0 Reviews)
triomis biblios-it is a forward-looking school library solution based on the latest Microsoft Internet technologies. The solution is deployed and centrally managed on the Windows Azure platform. The user...
Release Date: 30/11/2010
Version: 1.0
Enterprise Profile Management (0 Reviews)
Enterprise Profile Management dramatically reduces an organisations reliance and expenditure on external contractors by providing rich, searchable profile information behind the firewall. Users can easily...
Netmail SecureSend (0 Reviews)
Netmail SecureSend is an easy-to-use email encryption solution that ensures secure delivery of incoming and outgoing mail. Encryption policies can be managed and enforced at an enterprise level through...