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Mentor Enterprise (0 Reviews)
Mentor Enterprise is a web-based education delivery solution for managing online education delivery for multiple Schools or Virtual School Programs within a School District or corporation. Mentor...
Panorama Necto Analytics (0 Reviews)
Panorama Analytics delivers the most intuitive analytics user interface and user experience to allow casual information workers to do what once used to be the task of the experts: navigate through large...
Release Date: 11/05/2011
Version: 11.0
Panorama Necto Contextual Data Discovery (0 Reviews)
In the consumer world, information is in a new stage, past the old model of search and into a much more contextual mode. Companies that provide true relevance for consumers are moving beyond...
Release Date: 11/05/2011
Version: 11.0
Proligent Test & Quality Management (0 Reviews)
Proligent is a test and quality management solution used by OEMS of electronic products from a wide range of industries to manage data inbound to and outbound from test, repair and assembly stations,...
Release Date: 06/07/2012
Version: 6.0
Sales and Marketing Business Intelligence Application (0 Reviews)
Infusion utilizes Microsoft Business Intelligence (SQL Server and SharePoint) to design and implement analytic and reporting applications based on sales and marketing data. The Infusion team leverages its...
SSIS Integration Toolkit for Microsoft Dynamics CRM (0 Reviews)
SSIS Integration Toolkit for Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a cost-effective data integration library that works for Microsoft Dynamics CRM by leveraging the full power of Microsoft SQL Server Integration...
Release Date: 20/01/2012
Version: 1.0
Syntell 4i R2 (0 Reviews)
Syntell 4i R2 is the latest version of our analytical application platform. The SYNTELL 4i platform delivers: • Complete freedom for business functionality to work the way the business does • Complete...
Version: v3.1.20
Trend Miner for Dynamics CRM (0 Reviews)
Trend Miner delivers ground-breaking Business Intelligence visualization to your Microsoft Dynamics CRM data. Gain visibility and insight into your historical data to reveal insightful trends for decision...
Release Date: 18/03/2013
Version: 1
Arkieva S&OP Suite (0 Reviews)
Arkieva™ software tools are an integrated solution set that fully supports an organization’s Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) needs. Arkieva™ suite include: - Arkieva™ Demand Planner: A highly...
Release Date: 01/01/2014
Version: 3.12
Bayes Server (0 Reviews)
Bayes Server is advanced analytical software used in the fields of Machine Learning, Time Series Analysis, Pattern Recognition, Data Mining and Artificial Intelligence. Intelligent systems rely on Bayes...