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SNMPv3 Master Agent Service for Windows
NuDesign SNMPv3 Master Agent Service is a seamless upgrade of Microsoft SNMPv1/v2c Master Agent Service to secure SNMPv3. The product comes with a redistributable SNMPv3 Agent Configuration Applet. All...
Release Date: 10/05/2011
Version: 10
Arbutus Analytics (0 Reviews)
Arbutus Analytics provides financial management, business analysts and investigators with the tools they need to perform enterprise-wide testing of organizational data. A proven solution, Arbutus...
Release Date: 02/05/2011
Version: 5.2
Arbutus Connect (0 Reviews)
Arbutus Connect is a complementary technology that extends the reach and fraud detection capabilities of Microsoft Excel in three ways: - Connect enables Excel to support the massive, and sometimes...
Release Date: 02/05/2011
Version: 5.2
BIMA - Business Intelligence Master Data Administration (0 Reviews)
Business Intelligence (BI) systems should enable a business to view its data in any way required. Because data organization is a process that occurs outside of the business intelligence tool, the...
Release Date: 01/02/2013
Version: 2013
CardInk (0 Reviews)
Card issuers around the world are moving to EMV in order to reduce card payment fraud but the process of issuing EMV cards requires a high level of security. CardInk is a data preparation system (data...
Commander (0 Reviews)
Commander™ is a self-service management tool designed to centralize the management of your Windows-based self-service network and provide on-demand information that is critical to availability, decision...
Coveo Enterprise Search (0 Reviews)
You thought you knew enterprise search, but wait until you see what Coveo unified indexing and insight technology delivers for knowledge management. Coveo Enterprise Search is the revolutionary enterprise...
Data Importer (0 Reviews)
Data importer is a tool that is provided to key clients that do extensive work with Microsoft SQL databases. It is used to copy selected SQL table data from one data base to another. Can also utilize...
Release Date: 08/06/2012
Version: 1.3
E-mail Management Solution for Microsoft Exchange (0 Reviews)
MADSolutions E-mail Management Server 2006 (ES2006) is an extremely powerful and flexible application which allows for management of both attachments and messages stored in Personal Folder Files (PSTs),...
Faronics Core (0 Reviews)
Faronics Core is a management tool that makes it easy for customers to centrally control customer's endpoints workstations with Faronics products. Faronics Core provides enterprise deployment and...
Release Date: 24/02/2014
Version: 3.80.3220.3929