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MediaValet | VRX Studios - Digital Asset Management System (DAMS) (0 Reviews)
MediaValet is a 100% cloud-based, enterprise class, digital asset management system (DAMS) for companies with terabytes of media assets to manage, multiple locations and dozens to thousands of users. ...
Release Date: 28/10/2010
Version: 1.2
Overture Composer for SharePoint (0 Reviews)
Extract significant value from your SharePoint implementations by extending its functionality to a new-generation commerce solution. Overture Composer for SharePoint enables dynamic and real-time...
Version: 2.1
Overture Product Data Management (PDM) (0 Reviews)
Overture’s Product Data Management (PDM) capabilities resolve many of the challenges associated with managing a complex product portfolio across multiple markets, languages or touchpoints. Overture’s...
Version: 2.1
Splash (0 Reviews)
Splash™ allows traditional outdoor vendors to transition into digital OOH vendors. With full support for place-based digital networks, as well as integrated transit support, Splash™ is a comprehensive...
Release Date: 03/01/2012
Version: 4
XQ Interactive Retail (0 Reviews)
The XQ Interactive Retail suite features a variety of applications to attract, engage and educate your customers and backed by an intuitive content management solution and reporting. It combines consumer...
Release Date: 02/03/2012
Version: 1.6
App Center (0 Reviews)
Enhanced Marketing Abilities at Your Fingertips Add value to your existing Sitecore solution with selections from the on-demand App Center marketplace. Tap into the product offerings of industry-leading...
Syncteam (0 Reviews)
Syncteam is a B2B catalogue app designed for sales people to present their products and capture sales orders. This solution is ideal for distribution and wholesale companies, as well as manufacturers and...
Release Date: 10/10/2012
TimeMap & Megafiche DeepZoom (0 Reviews)
Shoothill created the unique Time Map application to allow users gain a fascinating insight into the geographical and architectural changes of a town or city over decades. We build Time Maps by...
Release Date: 12/12/2011
Version: Final
triomis data pilot (0 Reviews)
triomis data pilot is software and online services that enables you to create simple maps from your business data. It transfers your data into meaningful information displayed on maps while providing...
Release Date: 13/04/2011
Version: 1
Web Content Management (0 Reviews)
Inspiration + Sitecore Cms = Rapid Success Deliver a knock-their-socks-off website experience thanks to the flexibility, power, and renowned ease of use of Sitecore CMS. Easy-To-Use Interface: Quickly...