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Colligo Administrator (0 Reviews)
It is easily delivered and manages consistent SharePoint access (across every platform and device). Increases IT efficiency and reduces costs with centrally-configured SharePoint access. - Centrally...
Version: 1.x
SPManagedMetadataImportTool (0 Reviews)
Console application which allows you to import Term Sets with Synonyms and their other language equivalent. The tool provides the ability to import N synonyms and N languages into a SharePoint Server...
Release Date: 16/03/2012
Version: 1.0
Document Processing​ (0 Reviews)
Many companies are adopting SharePoint to file new and old documents. However, they are stuck with thousands of legacy documents in corporate file shares. Every company’s document filing system is...
janusSEAL Schema (0 Reviews)
janusSEAL Schema is a software application from janusNET that is used by an organisation to express its security classification schema in an electronic representation suitable for use in any of the...
Release Date: 08/07/2013
Version: 1.4
KalDMS (0 Reviews)
Is your office currently buried under a mountain of paper? How long does it take to find a specific document when you have to wade through hundreds of folders in dozens of file cabinets? What do you do...
Swift To-Do List (0 Reviews)
Swift To-Do List is a to-do list software for Windows. It allows you to get organized very quickly and efficiently. You can easily organize all your tasks, notes and reminders in one place. Swift To-Do...
Release Date: 06/11/2013
Version: 8.061