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Auto SMS for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 (0 Reviews)
Gap Consulting's Auto SMS solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 is an upgraded version of our v3 and v4 add-on but now enhanced to also include an inbound executable that can be scheduled to poll your...
Release Date: 09/07/2014
Auto Summary for Dynamics CRM 2011 and CRMOnline (0 Reviews)
Auto Summary provides you with the ability to store information on a parent record summarised from multiple child records. With Auto Summary for Dynamics CRM 2011 you can sum any source field on all...
Release Date: 09/07/2014
Version: v5.2.0.7
Dynamics Workflows (0 Reviews)
Dynamics Workflows is a solution you import to CRM 2011 or CRM 2013 online or on premise. The solution includes the following workflow functions: • Text Functions – joins two text strings, find and...
Release Date: 02/07/2014
MyCRM - eMap 2013 (0 Reviews)
eMap 2013 eMap is a fully-integrated mapping solution for CRM 2011 and 2013. Ever wanted to visualise your customers on a global or local scale? Now you can! Enhance your selling power with Bing Maps ...
Release Date: 01/07/2014
Version: 1.2
Conference@Net - Easy way to organize and manage events (0 Reviews)
Conference@Net is easy way to organize and manage events and conferences. It provide event/conference content overview online participation and voting, post conference statistics and video-enabled...
Release Date: 20/02/2014
E-Mail to Quote for Microsoft CRM (0 Reviews)
E-Mail to Quote is an Add in for Microsoft Outlook 2003 or higher version which integrates Outlook with another popular Enterprise application named Microsoft Dynamics CRM. E-Mail to Quote fits in...
Release Date: 14/01/2014
Version: 1.00
iGlobe CRM Solution for Office 365 (0 Reviews)
iGlobe is a unique and complete CRM solution built on SharePoint. iGlobe can easily adapt to specific business requirements and can be extended using other approved third party products. It can be scaled...
Release Date: 01/01/2014
Version: V39
CRM Progress Board (0 Reviews)
The Progress Board is a tool to visualise multiple CRM entities in a business process. It is similar to Scrum or Kanban boards in that each record can be progressed through the swim lanes to completion,...
Release Date: 17/12/2013
Version: 2.6.01
Dynamics clone (0 Reviews)
Reduce time spent on data entry using Dynamics Clone. Dynamics Clone duplicates any record of Dynamics CRM, system or customized entities, with a single click of a button. The form of the newly created...
Release Date: 04/12/2013
Absalon CRM 2013 for Professional Services (0 Reviews)
Absalon CRM 2013 for Professional Services is an industry specific add-on which covers processes, functionalities and data models, like Project management, Resource allocation and Events for IT companies,...
Release Date: 02/12/2013
Version: 2013