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1Staff Recruitment and Staffing Software Solution for Microsoft Dynamics GP (0 Reviews)
From resumes and job orders to financial statements, 1Staff provides a staffing software solution that lets you integrate either the 1Staff Front Office or Back Office with your existing systems or use...
ConsultCRM: Excel Data Import Tool (0 Reviews)
The Excel Import Tool for Microsoft CRM is the ideal enhancement for users of CRM who import data on a regular basis. Simple drag and drop between CRM Entities/Fields and Excel cells speeds the mapping...
Release Date: 29/11/2011
Version: v5.1
SmartData Tiles Solution for SharePoint
SmartData Tiles SharePoint application provides a tile-type display that enables a user to view any items in any SharePoint list, and select an item from the list by touching or clicking anywhere on a...
Release Date: 01/02/2013
Version: 1.0
Microsoft SharePoint Retail Collaboration Solution
Ideaca's Microsoft SharePoint Retail Collaboration solution helps organizations stay at the fore-front of ongoing trends and challenges in a retail environment. As the pace of retail increases, a number...
Add-ins for Microsoft Outlook - Area Code Updater (0 Reviews)
Do you have dozens, hundreds or even thousands of Contacts in your Outlook Contacts folders? Are you sure that all of the telephone numbers for those Contacts have area codes? Did you also know there...
Add-ins for Microsoft Outlook - Attachments Reminder (0 Reviews)
Attachments Reminder 2.0, our futuristic quantum-powered algorithms will detect that you've included "attachment" or other similar words in the body of your e-mail and prompt you to attach a file before...
Add-ins for Microsoft Outlook - Attachments To Folders (0 Reviews)
Attachments to Folders 2.0 Appin, click a button, choose a mail folder, choose a Windows folder - and BAM! All of your attachments in every single message in the folder are automatically saved as files...
Analance Business Intelligence Suite (0 Reviews)
Sryas Analance Business Intelligence (BI) software delivers advanced BI and analytical tools that add immediate value to your business. Our real-time analysis and reporting capabilities give you increased...
Automated Distribution of Confidential Documents: enables private and public sector organizations to distribute highly... (0 Reviews)
NetDexterity works to solve the needs of private and public sector organizations that need to produce highly confidential documents with a large number of collaborators and reviewers without compromising...
AxoQCS Quality, Compliance and Safety solution (0 Reviews)
Ensure compliance, reduce costs and increase your competitive advantage in the marketplace with an Integrated Quality, Health , Safety and Environment Management System. Fully automate and streamline your...