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RESAAS (0 Reviews)
RESAAS is an Enterprise Platform containing a free suite of business services built specifically for real estate professionals, mortgage specialists, their clients and potential customers. RESAAS - One...
Release Date: 01/12/2011
Version: 1.0
ReSearchThis Management Pack (0 Reviews)
The ReSearchThis Management Pack is a free Management Pack that is developed by the Community and released, unsupported by Infront Consulting Group. This management pack provides an easy way to...
Release Date: 18/05/2012
Retail Concierge for Microsoft Surface 1.0 and 2.0 (0 Reviews)
Infusion created the Retail Concierge, a comprehensive presentation module that incorporates the four main tenets of Microsoft Surface computing to provide a compelling way for interested buyers to...
Revvly (0 Reviews)
Revvly is a software development toolset & platform for companies that create online ticketing solutions for clients in the live entertainment and conference registration industry. Revvly is disrupting...
Release Date: 31/10/2013
Version: 1.0
Sentinet (0 Reviews)
Sentinet is a flexible, lightweight and scalable SOA and API Management platform. Nevatech’s flagship product is distributed by Matricis Informatique for Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes market. Sentinet...
Version: 2.2
SharePoint Sandboxed List Marquee Web Part (0 Reviews)
The SharePoint List Marquee web part displays SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint Online lists in a scrolling (marquee) display. You can configure its display by customizing its xsl file, or by overriding it...
Release Date: 27/07/2011
Version: 11.0.04
Simple to Use GL Upload Utility (0 Reviews)
Simple-to-use GL Upload UtilityDo you enter the same GL transactions every single month for Payroll, utility bills or other reasons? Do you find yourself re-keying in the same thing over and over again?...
StaffScheduleCare.com (0 Reviews)
StaffScheduleCare.com is a complete workforce management solution designed to handle all of the requirements of long term care and retirement facilities. The StaffScheduleCare scheduling tools allow...
Release Date: 10/02/2014
TagMyDoc (0 Reviews)
TagMyDoc is a unique cloud-based solution that finally addresses the issue of managing and validating multiple versions of documents. What’s so unique? With TagMyDoc, you can instantly validate each and...
TelemedicineIM (0 Reviews)
TelemedicineIM is a set of tools to build your own telemedicine network quickly and without expensive hardware investments. Healthcare providers can use it to safely communicate with patients in their...
Release Date: 02/05/2012
Version: 1.4