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Office365 Single Sign On (SSO) (0 Reviews)
CloudAccess Single Sign On bundle for Office 365 enforces continuous access control as an affordable and easy solution to manage and funnel access policies. With a single click, your users can be...
Release Date: 14/01/2013
Version: 3.0
Online Insurance Portal (0 Reviews)
As consumer awareness spreads, the need to have oneself and family insured is becoming a mandate all across the world and very specifically in the developing nations. This brings forth the possibility of...
PayCourier Archive (0 Reviews)
PayCourier Archive unites paper and electronic transactions, giving you the tools to manage, store and retrieve an unlimited amount of payment data and images. An easy to use Web-based solution, it puts...
PDF Section 508 Accessibility Services (0 Reviews)
Our verification and remediation services provide an accurate, comprehensive and cost-effective way to achieve Section 508 compliance for public-facing, popular or large volumes of PDF documents and forms...
Release Date: 14/09/2012
Version: 91212
PGP File Encryption (0 Reviews)
Townsend Security's PGP File Encryption provides comprehensive encryption solutions to prevent data loss for IBM Power Systems i and z. Process all types of files automatically. PGP for System i provides...
Pharma Vertical - Microsoft Dynamic NAV / AX (0 Reviews)
B2B LIFT is a customized solution specially designed to meet the specific needs of Life Science Industries such as:- Bulk Drug & API's- Formulations- Biotechnology- Herbal Medicines- Medical Devices-...
Version: 2009
Policy Patrol Mail Security (0 Reviews)
Policy Patrol Mail Security can content check emails and apply email policy rules to prevent many email security risks, including legal liability resulting from email content, confidential data leakage,...
Release Date: 24/05/2012
Version: 8.0
Policy Patrol MFT (0 Reviews)
Policy Patrol MFT allows users to send and receive large and confidential files instantly and securely without forcing them to change the way they work. Policy Patrol MFT integrates with Microsoft...
Release Date: 13/12/2012
Version: 1.0
PostSharp (0 Reviews)
PostSharp is an aspect-oriented programming (AOP) framework for .NET that lets developers encapsulate common support behavior, such as exception handling, into classes and apply them using .NET attributes...
Release Date: 13/02/2012
Version: 2.1
QC-Track (0 Reviews)
The patented Atirix QC-Track® system is an interactive data capture and graphical reporting software solution designed to automate the quality control tracking and imaging reporting needed in diagnostic...
Release Date: 01/09/2008
Version: 4