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SecretOffice++ is an Office 365 & Outlook add-on providing you with a strong layer of defense to protect your confidential information against eavesdropping, snooping, hacking and data tampering. Seamlessly integrated into Office 365 & Outlook, it enables you to encrypt, digitally sign and share your confidential information contained in your appointments, tasks, notes, contacts and journals. Using SecretOffice++, you are assured that your highly sensitive information cannot be viewed or tampered with by attackers, whether it is stored on Office 365 data centers, your company’s Exchange Server, a third party Hosted Exchange, a shared desktop or laptop computer. SecretOffice++ helps keep your confidential information secure and private.

• Seamless integration with Office 365 & Outlook making it easy for you to manage your confidential information, as well as your schedules and To-Do list.
• Your confidential information will be encrypted with the strongest encryption method of Suite B cryptography used by the US Department of Defense to encrypt its classified information.
• Support for smart cards providing a secure private key storage and a two-factor authentication (smart card and PIN) to add more security protection for your confidential information.
• Encrypt and share your highly sensitive information securely with others through Office 365 and Exchange Server shared folders.
• Easy to install, setup and use. No special knowledge of encryption, cryptography and smart card are required.
• Best solution available to protect the confidentiality and privacy of your confidential information.

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