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UniPrint Gateway Terminal Server Edition

by UniPrint

UniPrint Gateway Terminal Server Edition (TSE) is an add-on software that enables flexible, scalable and device-independent printing from any location in Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop Services (RDS) environments. It is simple to install, easy to use, reliable and cost-effective.

Featuring a single Portable Document Format (PDF)-based universal printer driver, UniPrint Gateway TSE enables clientless printing for Windows PC, Macintosh, thin-client device, and mobile device users working in the office, telecommuting from home or any remote location, and on the go.

Its PDF generation capability optimizes bandwidth availability, whereby promoting faster and more reliable printing than other printing solutions available on the market.

Using UniPrint, mid-market and enterprise-level organizations across industry verticals, with dispersed operations and mobile workforces, will benefit from increased user productivity and operational efficiency, and simplified central printer management andreduced printing-related costs.

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