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UpsideContract - Contract Lifecycle Management - CLM ( Contract Management Software )

by Upside Software

UpsideContract is an enterprise-class contract management solution providing full contract lifecycle management functionality – including collaborative contract creation and negotiation, performance, compliance and risk management, amendment and renewal processing,
and event management – in a package that is completely web-based with no plug-ins required. UpsideContract is based entirely on Microsoft .NET technology, simplifying interoperability and integration with all other systems on a platform that provides significantly
better performance and usability. The advanced design and extensive flexibility of the user-configurable interface enables rapid user adoption while robust security ensures information and functions are granted only to the appropriate people. Upside Software's
‘Smart Template’ and advanced document hierarchy technologies simplify management of contracts across the enterprise while flexible role and organizational hierarchy based security ensures each user has access to the documents and functionality they need.
UpsideContract's wizard-like contract request function allows less sophisticated users to initiate complex contracting activities quickly and easily. Contract management functions, including event, compliance, performance, delivery and risk tracking, assessment
and management maximize the value of business agreements through the entire lifecycle. UpsideContract also offers an extremely powerful forms module – UpsideForms. This optional module allows users to define their own forms for data capture and integrates
them with the contracting process from the issuance of an RFX through the creation of the contract and subsequently the invoicing against those contracts – ultimately streamlining the contract lifecycle. To take full advantage of the system's implementation,
UpsideContract comes with a robust deployment management tool, advanced document conversion capabilities, and Smart Paste functions which ease migration of structured word processor documents into the system while retaining their structure. UpsideContract
improves every aspect of the contracting process and sets the standard for enterprise contract management best practices.

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