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ProServeIT is the leading channel based Microsoft Technology Solutions Partner in IT Infrastructure Optimization, Collaboration, Virtualization, Security, and Unified Communications. To explain what ProServeIT does, it helps to also explain what we don’t do: We don’t sell software. We don’t sell hardware. We don’t compete with other service providers.

What ProServeIT does do is make deals bigger.

ProServeIT increases the quality, volume and speed of your funnel using our “bench strength”, technical pre-sales expertise and process automation. Your strengths lie in hardware/software sales and relationship management, look to us to fill your delivery gap. We have a wealth of experience in selling labour and our seasoned team of professionals will provide deliverables in a timely & cost effective fashion, allowing you to focus on what you do best.

From the most sophisticated core technologies to the newest, including Office 365, ProServeIT stands ready to design and deliver the full range of Microsoft and related products.

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Competencies & Certifications

Microsoft Partner
Gold Management and Virtualization
Gold Midmarket Solution Provider
Gold Software Asset Management
Silver Collaboration and Content
Silver Communications
Silver Messaging