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Application Lifecycle Management Solutions

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The Navantis ALM solution fosters the translation of business “dreams” into technical realities. By leveraging tools like Visual Studio in combination with a well thought out process methodology that fits your business, you can greatly improve the effectiveness of your development and IT projects. This process will enable you to make better decisions, and ultimately higher quality applications and solutions. Our expertise helps your team access the information they need, when they need it.

ALM is not just about the tools you use. It includes the processes, people, and business objectives that drive your organization. Our offerings range from high level strategic consulting, short quick starts with Visual Studio, to specific guidance around improving the way your specific teams work (e.g. Improving testing, Application Security, Change Management, Test Automation, Unit Testing , Requirements Gathering)


- High-quality implementations of the original business vision
- Full traceability from requirements to support
- Solid understanding of project risks and challenges
- Detailed reporting supporting solid decision making
- All team members are well informed of project goals and their individual accountability
- Cost-effective test strategies
- Solid working relationship with various offices (on-shore/off-shore)
- High process conformance and continuous improvement
- Every team member uses their right tools for the right job
- Problem-free deployments
- Mature change management policies

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