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Avanade Online Services (AOS) for CRM

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Avanade CRM—which gives our customers a complete and consistent view of their customers—is now available through Avanade Online Services (AOS). AOS is an end-to-end Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that is optimized for the delivery of Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions. Our customers get the same integrated, customized CRM application they've come to expect from Avanade, but with the many benefits associated with online services, such as lower cost and greater flexibility.

Avanade Online Services Benefits:

- Respond quickly to changing business and competitive opportunities with the ability to adapt and reconfigure Microsoft Dynamics CRM options and functionality.

- Implement a SaaS-based solution with lower risk, reduced costs, and faster time to value with AOS, which includes outsourced applications, infrastructure, support, and maintenance.

- Reduce the true cost of CRM even more with our SaaS model that helps you realize value faster with predictable consumption-based pricing, proven prebuilt enterprise functionality, and integration expertise.

There are four key pillars that define Avanade’s AOS model:

- End-to-End SaaS Delivery Capability
- Proven Enterprise Solutions Globally
- Lower True Cost of Ownership
- Across the Entire Microsoft Platform

Key elements of the Avanade AOS offering:

- The AOS SaaS infrastructure operates out of six centralized data centers for coverage globally
- Secure environment, data privacy protections
- 24 x 7 support with 3 tiers of service
- Application Outsourcing of Microsoft Apps and Infrastructure Outsourcing, more than just hosting
- Added value of Avanade Productivity Platform assets

Transform yourself into an agile enterprise.

Unlike offerings from other companies, only AOS from Avanade offers truly flexible SaaS. Not only will you get everything you need to start using CRM — including the applications, support, and ongoing maintenance — but you’ll also get Avanade knowledge and expertise to help customize that solution if you need. Whether you’re new to CRM or want to upgrade your existing CRM solution, AOS helps you become more agile. You’ll get up and running in days, rather than months. And because you can focus on the functionality you need—rather than the products you need to purchase — it’s easy to respond to changing demand, scale up or down, and even align with internal IT systems.

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