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Bing Maps Listings Engine and CRM Portal for Real Estate

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Infusion develops real estate web portals that leverage Bing Maps and client technologies such as AJAX to deliver an interactive map-based interface for searching properties, agents, and offices. Users are able to inquire about listings, print or email listing details, and search for agents or offices that specialize in their desired property type and geographic region. The public-facing site incorporates a full Microsoft Office SharePoint Server installation, allowing the Real Estate marketing team to post media releases, home buying guides and promotional information according to their own schedule.

The second portion of this solution is the CRM site, which incorporates ASP.NET and the reporting features of Microsoft SQL Server to provide agents and office managers with tools to respond to and track customer interest in their properties. To further accommodate agents, the CRM site features mobile-friendly pages for responding to leads and supports SMS notifications for agents without mobile internet access.

The site blends with the company CMS and welcomes users with a dashboard, listing the latest performance statistics and comparative numbers for an agent’s respective office. In addition, administrators are provided with powerful reporting tools, covering a wide range of statistical data including website usage statistics and agent response times.

The site is supported by an extensive, custom-built backend which fetches and parses fresh listing data and photos on a daily basis for over 40 different regional real estate boards, each with their own customized feeds.

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