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Bulletproof InfoTech Inc.

Innovative Hosted Exchange Solution for Financial Services Firm - Calgary, Alberta

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Communicating with clients, vendors, partners and agents is critical for Calgary based Innovative Financial Solutions.  Maintaining up to date client information, communicating with brokers and agents and having all information in a centralized, secure and reliable location is key to maintaining a streamlined operation.  Innovative Financial Solutions is like many small business, they want to compete fairly in today's global economy.  Clients and their services reach all across Canada. 

Having a solution which will provide the flexibility to meet the needs of the business, provide them room for growth and do all of this on a Small Business budget.Innovative turned to Alberta based Bulletproof InfoTech, a Microsoft Small Business Specialist and Gold Certified Partner focused on providing managed IT services, computer repair services, computer consulting and hosted email and SharePoint solutions help.Bulletproof designed a hosted Microsoft Exchange solution which provides email, calendar and contact sharing and Microsoft SharePoint services without the need of them purchasing any server hardware.

Using Microsoft Office 2007 Professional, all Innovative Financial staff members can access the Microsoft Exchange Server online.  Outlook 2007 provides an easy to use interface which all computer users are familiar with.  Unlike services from Google and other online mail services who force you to use their own web services.  Microsoft Exchange services online allow you to use what you already know.Microsoft Exchange Online Services from Bulletproof InfoTech provides a small business freedom from costly server investments and the maintenance required, when there is no immediate need for an on premise server solution.

Going forward Innovative will continue to leverage the power of Bulletproof's online services to bring more of their business to the cloud.  Microsoft SharePoint will provide an easy to navigate service for their corporate Intranet and also provide all brokers and agents to information online, collaborate with the entire team and lessen the risk to personal investment information being "lost" online.

After years working with "out of date" software, we decided to take a look at upgrading our communications software.  Simply using email was starting to catch up on us – I would reply to an email on my iPhone but the record was only on the phone, unless I bcc’d myself, which was a bit of a nuisance to have a copy of that in my inbox instead of my sent folder.  After speaking with Stuart at Bulletproof IT, he lead us to a hosted Microsoft Exchange solution, which is by far the most economical and common sense option for a small business as ours.  We don’t have the resources to put out a large amount of capital to invest into the required systems to bring a MS Exchange on site, nor do we have the need to.  After reviewing the costs of bringing it onsite and self-managing, the hosted solution looked like a golden egg.  Bulletproof IT was onsite in a matter of days, took care of setting it up and had us going by morning’s end without any disruption in our business – but a huge addition to how we handle our email, calendars, and contacts.  Sharing contacts and contacts has made inter-office communication seamless compared to our old disjointed system of phoning to see about a meeting or emailing for contact information of a client.  Not only that, but the after-purchase service has been impeccable and we couldn’t ask for more in an IT solutions provider.  We haven’t done the costing on it yet, but we’re certain we’ve saved more in time than the cost for hosted exchange." 

Kyle Hansen

Vice President, Sales and Marketing

Innovative Financial Solutions

Calgary, AB

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