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Enterprise Tracking and Reporting Tool

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Infusion helps companies upgrade their legacy systems from complex spreadsheet-driven processes that take multiple weeks to generate, to a unique Enterprise Tracking and Reporting Tool. Originally designed as a solution for the Project Management Office (PMO), the application is able to instantly generate reports that provide key insight into both actual and forecasted financial data. The solution integrates the client’s existing processes and provides a robust enterprise-level application.

With data now captured on this common platform rather than manually assembled, reports highlighting status issues, risks, and budget are generated in real-time – replacing the previous monthly or quarterly process.

Through continued development during several project phases, Infusion creates dashboards that enable users to drill down into key data points such as upcoming initiatives, project financial data, and RAG statuses. The client’s existing financial systems are integrated into the new platform, providing accurate and up-to-date forecast and actual data.

SSIS-based tools are used to seamlessly integrate the Excel processes and offload data aggregation tasks from end users and the system instead. This enables key managers to transfer data gathering processes to their project managers worldwide. The reporting process is also automated, allowing numerous stakeholders to generate essential reports on the fly.

The Infusion Enterprise Tracking and Reporting Tool deliveres a consistent method of reporting financials and project statuses and provides improved visibility for the client from a project reporting and financial standpoint. The platform will have an immediate impact on the company’s project management practice and will quickly demonstrate a significant return on investment.

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