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Habanero Consulting Group

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Financial Services External Webiste

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  • Service Type:

    Consulting, Professional Service
  • Business Need:

    Web Design and Development
  • Works With:

    Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer 2007, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007
  • Industry Focus:

    Financial Services

Habañero built the credit union website on SharePoint for Internet Sites 2007 and leveraged Bing Maps to power the branch and ATM locator experience.

Results and Benefits

-Easy to understand transition to Servus Credit Union for members and non-members

-Content authoring is distributed across the organization while approval workflow ensures accuracy of the information

-Advice based navigation allows members to find information based on their own unique banking situation

-Design that conveys the credit union values including local commitment, community support, and profit-sharing with members.

One of the key differentiators of the credit union is the deep and comprehensive advice they provide to their members both over the phone and throughout their branch network. As such, the website leverages an advice-based navigation metaphor to surface content that is appropriate for each member’s unique banking situation. From buying a home to managing wealth, the website features a large amount of rich content and a number of interactive tools.

In addition to leveraging off-the shelf tools and calculators, Habañero developed a number of custom calculators including a robust mortgage calculator, loan calculator, and a savings calculator. The custom tools developed by Habañero do not leverage Java or Flash, ensuring that they can be used on devices such as the iPad.

The website remembers a user’s home branch, so they do not need to select it each time they visit the site. This ensures that access to online banking (a significant amount of website traffic) to be as quick and easy as possible.

The locator allows users to search by street name, city or even postal code to locate the closest branch. Users can view hours of operation, get directions, or visit the branch page to learn more about the branch and any upcoming community events.

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