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Improving Business Intelligence and Reporting with Excel 2007

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Recognizing how difficult it is to get accurate, timely information from operational databases, Habañero works with organizations to design and develop business intelligence and reporting solutions that deliver differentiated information to a variety of audience groups, in the correct format, with appropriate levels of security and governance - in real time. Among the first services partners to use Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, Excel Services 2007 and SQL Server 2005, Habañero leverages its expertise in visioning and planning, business analysis, creative and technical services to provide organizations with flexible, extensible and automated business intelligence and reporting solutions that improve productivity and increase both client and employee satisfaction.
Countless organizations use Microsoft Excel to provide a view into operational databases and generate monthly reports from which significant decisions are made. While Excel offers many benefits, there are several shortcomings associated with this approach: Manually entering data into Excel, performing manual calculations and de-duplicating data is labor intensive and prone to human-error; End-users from all audience groups receive the same static reports on a monthly basis from which further analysis is not possible; Changes to the operational system requires the views to be rewritten and all templates/reports adjusted; and Emailing reports creates versioning problems.
Using an OLAP cube built off a reporting database allows end-users to dynamically create reports without impacting the performance of the operational database. Analytic users have the ability to drill down into the data and slice and dice as required. Reports are published in Excel 2007 and delivered through Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 in both a report library and a reporting dashboard. The report library provides access to pre-formatted reports and flexible pivot tables, while the dashboard provides at-the-fingertips Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and main report delivery. Powerful Excel 2007 visualization tools highlight trends and deepen business understanding.
Converting manual processes to automated processes saves time and expense, by eliminating the need for employees to manually enter data in Excel, perform manual calculations and de-duplicate data. Since data is now available in real-time, from a central location that ensures quality and effective governance, customer service staff can prevent client satisfaction issues from occurring by analyzing data, identifying trends, and making better decisions faster. Finally, using a familiar tool to provide easy access to information employees need to do their jobs, will not only increase adoption and decrease the need for additional training; it will improve employee satisfaction.

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