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Habanero Consulting Group

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Collaborative Application For Employees (CAFE) Crowdsourcing Solution

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Habañero developed cafe (Collaborative Application For Employees) on the SharePoint 2010 platform. The solution includes ratings and rankings, blogging, and a faceted search interface. cafe enables a company's employees to submit ideas about how to make positive changes within the company, and allows all employees to rate each idea. Habañero extends SharePoint’s rating feature to allow employees to give a thumbs-up or thumbs-down rating to each idea. In addition, the solution includes a custom algorithm to determine the top ideas, leveraging data such as the collective rating, posting date, and the number of comments.

The solution is designed to address a need for a more effective communication environment. It empowers employees to engage in open dialogue aimed at improving the organization and establishing a sense of community across it. cafe is also used as a communication tool for personal subjects that allows employees to chat in a virtual environment about relevant topics that have common threads throughout an organization. Essentially cafe is a crowdsourcing solution designed to create a fun atmosphere that will aid in supporting an organization's corporate culture.

cafe permits corporate leaders to respond to the top ideas and move appropriate items into a separate notes area. Management can communicate on the status of each noted idea and cafe enables employees to continue to comment on these items, fostering increased collaboration between management and the organization’s employees.

cafe is architected for the future, allowing additional SharePoint functionality to be leveraged as desired and to increase organizational collaboration. For example, highly-rated ideas may be promoted to a SharePoint wiki to allow employees to collaborate on a new product idea. Another idea might be discussed and answered by management, and be promoted to the questions and answers section of the company's intranet. Individuals may also place a cafe dashboard on their My Site to monitor their posts, comments and ratings.

The true power of cafe lies in the fact that it allows employees to begin to shape their corporate culture and the priority for internal processes and projects by providing a collaborative space that allows employees to post their ideas, questions,
concerns, and discussion items, and opens these up to be commented on, debated, and voted on to see how it resonates with the organization – providing a measurement of emplo

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