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Habanero Consulting Group

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Energy Manager Extranet

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The Energy Manager Extranet is designed to help a diverse geographically dispersed community of energy managers come together, share ideas, and exchange best practices in real time, whether it’s on a PC, browser or mobile device. It is a green solution in that its ultimate purpose is to increase collaboration between energy managers who work onsite at large commercial and industrial customer facilities to promote reductions in energy use and to instil a culture of conservation.

Habañero used the SharePoint 2010 for Internet Sites platform to create an Energy Manager Extranet. The My Site feature of SharePoint 2010 helps provide Energy Mangers with a range of social networking features. They include a My Networks page for managing colleagues, interests, and news feed settings, a My Content page for managing documents and photos, and a My Profile page for managing user profile information.

The solution facilitates knowledge transfer from seasoned veterans to new recruits entering the profession, allowing new Energy Managers to get up to speed much more quickly and effectively.  In addition, the site allows for the identification of thought leaders
and experts through the use of personal profiles and through the ability for colleagues to rate each other's work. Furthermore, duplicated efforts are reduced and project lifecycles are shortened because energy managers can easily collaborate on best practices
and share lessons learned from previous projects.

The Energy Manager Extranet leverages many of the features within the SharePoint 2010 for Internet Sites platform including My Sites and personal profiles; ranking, rating, and tagging; multi-author document collaboration; web content management and document
management; security and user documentation.

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