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Habanero Consulting Group

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Vancouver, British Columbia, CAN | View Map & Address

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Phone: (604) 7096201
Fax: 604 7096073

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myCity Intranet

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The myCity Intranet is a comprehensive intranet portal and collaboration solution that leverages the Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 platform. The intranet is highly usable, as a result of Habañero’s dedication to user centred design, and customized
to meet the extensive needs of this lare municipality. The portal also integrates Microsoft Bing Maps to allow users to locate municipal facilities and/or services in a geospatial context.

The intranet has a customized navigation system and user interface which allows City employees to easily find the information and services they are looking for. myCity leverages the out-of-the-box search capabilities in SharePoint and incorporates easy-to-use
“Find a Person” search functionality. The intranet also contains a comprehensive “How do I” section, which provides a one-stop area for a diverse range of questions, such as “How do I get a cell phone”?

As part of the intranet Habañero also developed a robust collaboration area for teams, committees and groups to collaborate. The development of a series of site provisioning tools was included to help The City govern the collaboration area of the intranet.

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