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Iluminari Tech UCS3000

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The Iluminari Tech UCS3000 is an innovative Microsoft Lync Unified Communication (UC) “solution in a box” - with an all in one philosophy - a unique server which is installed on customer's premises through which Microsoft Lync is provided. It is designed to be Plug'n'Play, with our rapid deployment services. The environment can be self managed or fully managed through our managed services and allows the adoption of UC on-premises. Optionally, it integrates with the latest Microsoft Office 365 solutions adding on-premises voice capabilities to your hosted solution.

UCS 3000 Managed Service introduces a brand new model, typical of cloud services. With the assistance of remote services, organizations can leave the management of the system to IT Professionals. The allows your organization to focus on your core business and forget the issues of running an IT infrastructure. The UCS3000 is monitored 24x365 and updated with security critical patches and application fixes and updates.

UCS 3000 Features and Benefits:

- Adopt the latest Microsoft Lync Unified Communication Solution to increase productivity and enhance savings.

- Secure data and information with local and centralized security services. The solution is provide d On-Premise.

- Reduce deployment time down to a few days with the
Rapid Deployment Service.

- No specific IT skills required. Self-Administer or Outsource the user administration.

- Benefit from the remote monitoring and system maintenance services available with the extended cloud.

- Save Money by reducing IT and telephony infrastructure costs.

- Complement your hosted or other cloud services including Office 365.

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