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Insite Computer Group Inc.

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Insite Computer Group Inc.

3AOD - AnyTime, Anywhere on Any Device - Applications on DEMAND!

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What is 3AOD?
Are you tired of the high costs of computers these days? From having to pay for Internet services to the costs of buying and updating computer programs, it can get to be a bit too much. has the solution for you. In the same way that YouTube has revolutionized how we watch videos on the Internet through its streaming capacity, offers you the future of the Internet – streaming software applications. is an on-line managed software service that allows customers to use the latest and most popular computer programs without having to download or install anything. With the fastest Internet speeds and an easy to use interface, you can enjoy the benefits of having all the latest computer software without having to pay the high costs.

Why use 3AOD?
Besides offering customers the advantage of having access to the latest computer programs, allows you to utilize their high end servers. By taking advantage of Citrix technology, you will be able to use the best computer programs at the fastest speeds. Best of all, by utilizing the full range of Citrix Global Alliance Partner Solutions, you will find that is completely compatible with industry leading applications. If you are still a bit skeptical, try out Citrix TextDrive to test out the capabilities of’s software applications.

Is it EASY?
One of the biggest problems faced by Internet users is using a program that requires reading a 700 page manual to use. However, is aware of these complaints and we have made it a priority to make these applications as user friendly as possible. Featuring easy to use functions that a computer novice will be able to use, you will find that is one of the easiest computer applications that you can use. If you have made it to this website without any problems, then you will have no trouble using

Is 3AOD Fast?
We’ve all been there – you’ve finally found that application you’ve spent the last hour searching for and once you’ve clicked on the application, you find yourself waiting and waiting for it to finally load up. One of the biggest concerns that wanted to address early on in the development of its software applications is its speed. Featuring a vast array of the latest computer programs that are being used by a global audience, has amazed its users with its speed. Using the fastest Internet servers available on the market, also gives its users a competitive edge. No matter how fast or slow your Internet connection is, you will be able to tap into the fast speeds of the’s Internet servers when you are using their software applications. No more waiting around for you!

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