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Institution Integration with Provincial Post-Secondary Application System

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Our customer was faced with these challenges after the Government of Alberta (GOA) passed the Access to the Future Act in 2005. The vision was to create and implement a web-based application system to provide students with easier access to essential information, services and admission to Alberta’s colleges, universities and technical institutes. The Alberta Post Secondary Application System (APAS) will connect all 21 of the public provincial post-secondary institutions, allowing student transcript information to be passed electronically between institutions.


Acrodex provided a team of highly experienced consultants to provide a solution for the integration of our customer’s systems with the provincial post-secondary application system.  Our team employed our industry-standards based techniques for project management and software development.  Acrodex specializes in assessing, building & supporting application systems and integration solutions with secure and scalable architecture.  With this solution, Acrodex applied:

Our extensive software architecture knowledge applied to create a lean streamlined framework

An iterative approach to development and support work to deliver early value
Our knowledge of the Government of Alberta Enterprise Architecture (GAEA) 

As a result of our solution, our Post-Secondary customer will receive applications submitted by students through the centralized government application system.  This will ensure that the institution remains a leading provider of higher educational in the province, and again additional exposure for their programs through the government program.  Students benefit from the added convenience of applying to multiple schools, but still accessing the wide array of programs offered by this institution.  Other highlights of our solution include:


A simple, user-friendly interface
The use of Smart forms so the user is aware of the effects of their choices
A multi-threaded architecture for processing long-running service calls to ensure system responsiveness
Strong failover capabilities to ensure high-availability
Integration with the GOA Secure Identity and Access Management System (SIAMS)

Our integration solutions, built using the Microsoft application platform and tools, can help a diverse range of clients to integrate with hosted services to realize shared business value.  Through this particular solution, Acrodex has proven capability to integrate with e- Government services.

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