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Investment Banking Cross-trading Framework

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  • Service Type:

    Consulting, Professional Service
  • Business Need:

    Financial Analytics and Reporting
  • Works With:

    Java, J2EE, Microsoft ASP.NET, Microsoft Visual C, C++, or C#
  • Industry Focus:

    Financial Services

Infusion helps bank trading businesses merge their sales, trading, and operations work across all locations under a common fixed-income trading framework. The cross-asset trading platform better manages Straight Through Processing (STP) and automates trading processes by automating trade bookings and back-to-back trades across international financial hubs.

This award-winning Infusion solution features a lightweight, web-enabled system that includes:

- Trade capture for the traders across all supported products.
- Sales capture through sales tickets across all supported products.
- Sales and trading desk support including blotters, and trade advice.

The application supports multiple products and provides sales-matching for bonds and Credit Default Swaps (CDS). The system manages trade processing and global routing across a worldwide server network with interfaces to the respective global exchanges. Furthermore, the regionalization supported by the application delivers central management of user authentication and entitlement and custom trading setups that reflect the needs of different global regions and trade desks.

The application provides the following benefits:

- A significant reduction in operational risk by reducing trade booking errors.
- Delivery of a flexible system that enables faster growth in emerging markets, faster time to delivery for new systems, and broader access to new businesses
- Removing the need for a dependence on Bloomberg as a front-end fixed-income trading system
- Easier access for cross-asset business (proprietary trading) in anticipation of its continued popularity and profitability
- An increase in front-office efficiency by streamlining the sales-to-traders communication process
- Seamless integration with external trading platforms including access to all electronic markets

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