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Jig Technologies

Healthcare IT Solutions

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At JIG, we understand the unique budget challenges and demands that healthcare providers face. That is why we provide cost effective healthcare IT solutions that manage your technology needs. This in turn allows you to focus solely on providing quality healthcare services and solutions.

At JIG we understand that having reliable access to your data is mission critical. Your patients cannot wait while you try to access your data. However, we also realize that IT budgets in healthcare are often limited. This is why we do an up front assessment to identify key workflows and areas that need to be addressed, as well as finding creative ways to save costs. Our understanding of eHealth and the healthcare IT in Ontario allows us to help you take advantage of many of the programs offered. By understanding your data and how it is used, we can make intelligent decisions on how to best meet your needs and costs.

Some of our services include:
- Specialized Healthcare IT Assessment and Set-up
- Website Design and Maintenance
- Data Management and Application Support (eg. Purkinje)
- Network Infrastructure Design
- Security & Support (PHIPA/FIPPA compliance programs)
- Complete IT Outsourcing

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