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Knowledgetech Consulting Inc.

IT Strategy

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IT Strategy Advisory Services

With our deep roots in technology, we understand the challenges of developing and executing an IT strategy in these times.  What role the IT organization plays in the organization, how budgets are shared and managed, the strength of relationships with business clients and third party partners, all influence what the IT strategy looks like, and how it can be achieved.  Let us help you develop a strategy and execution plan to exceed your expected results.

Organization Architecture

This often misunderstood discipline with IT, is a critical function when organized and implemented well.  Covering areas including business and IT strategy alignment, application and technology direction setting and standards development, and information management standards and patterns, an organization architecture group provides the organizing logic of how IT assets work together to support the business goals of it's customers.

Technology & Application Portfolio Management

Using a portfolio approach to organize and manage these critical IT assets enables a path to simplifying one area of complexity faced by many IT organizations.  Knowing how many technologies and applications you have doing similar functions, allows you to see how you are spending your annual IT operating budget, and how much duplication there is in your current asset inventory.

IT Complexity Management

IT organizations today have long legacies of technologies, applications and infrastructure that are an archive of where they have come from.  Typically simplification initiatives can free-up operating costs for investment in strategic areas by more than 10% in their first year.  Decommissioning legacy systems, simplifying duplicated capabilities, identifying opportunities to eliminate obsolete processes and improving integration capabilities are a few of the ways in which we can help eliminate the complexity.

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