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'Business Analysis Services

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It's estimated that less than 20% of software projects meet project goals for resources, costs and time (Standish Group International Inc.). It's also estimated that over 31% of projects are cancelled without product delivery.  These statistics can be partially the effect of poor project management. Another major contributor, however, is improper and constantly changing requirements.  Because of this, you may not get what you want, you might not get what you need, and you won't get it when you need it.  Konverge Business Analysis services positions your idea for maximum effect, while minimizing risks.  This will ensure proper communication of your vision to those who need to know.  We engage in all aspects of Business & System Analysis to produce a Software Requirement Specification document which encompasses the Analysis phase of any project.If you want a software implementation, customization, or engineering effort to succeed, we'll collaborate with you to ask the right questions, and help you find the right answers.

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